This is the interactive instrument that will give added value to your brand and increase sales!

The PROIETTA interactive system allows the interaction between the public and the graphics projected on floors / counters / walls and other surfaces. The system consists of hardware and software developed by PROIETTA and allows the video projection of dynamic contents through the detection of the movements of those who are inside the projection area. Subjects and animations can be modified and customized according to customer needs. You can also play a video with its audio or insert an accompanying audio to the effects.


  1. Hardware: Mini Pc – Win 10
  2. Software: PROIETTA including 10 personalized special effects

  3. Movement sensor

  4. Acoustic speakers

  5. UNIVERSAL PROIETTA case for ceiling or structure installation.

  6. Personalized graphics included


In order to complete the system a projector will be necessary.
The most important feature of the above projector is the power of its light.
This depends on the environmental light present at the installation site.

– – –

EXAMPLE: the most popular projector for this application is the PT-VMZ60 Panasonic WUXGA da 6000 lm.


  • Remote support service for 12 months. (you must have a LAN network connection for system remote control).
  • White PVC floor covering (when original floor or paving not suitable for projections)
  • On-site technical inspection and installation by PROIETTA personnel: cost to be defined according to location and installation conditions.


– Can I see the included effects?
Certainly, some example videos of the different standard effects are available for view in this page of the website.

– What must the floor be like?

The floor does not to need to be white or treated in any way, but we do suggest that the projection should be on a paving or floor that is uniform, light coloured or at least neutral and possibly does not reflect light (you can always request the optional white PVC opaque floor covering, that can improve the effect of the projected images.)

– Is it possible to project on a vertical surface, such as a wall?
The interactive system can be easily used for vertical or horizontal projections, we do however need precise indications of the surface to be used and positioning of the projector/interactive system to define the correct solution and determine the right combination or projectors and lenses most suited for the application and effect desired.

– If I want to cover a larger surface, can I simply place more systems side by side?

The interactive systems can be put together in a modular way to increase the projected surface area, however the interaction will be individually limited to each of the single portions of the projection.

– I would like a personalized interactive effect

Personalized effects based on specific requests that differ from our standard catalogue, can be developed ad hoc on customer needs, but these need time to be developed and the budget can vary greatly from our standard prices.

– Do we need to use a PROIETTA technician or installer?

We highly recommend that the installation be undertaken by one of our technicians, or at least by a professional installer who will take responsibility for the correct installation of the projector, its regulation and calibration of the system.

– Once the projector has been installed at height, how can I manage it, or insert new graphics?

We supply a wireless kit together with the system, it has a mouse and keyboard, these can be used to interact with the system, to select the effect desired, to do regulations and calibrate the machine. Moreover, if we do the installation, you can take out a contract for our remote support service (all you need is a LAN connection) and our technicians can access your system remotely and make all the necessary changes.


  • This is an interactive game to be played on the ground, it simulates a football game. It can be personalized, be it the background, the interactive elements (ball, goal message/ victory message) logo and sound effects.


  • This effect simulates the movement of water, it can be personalized with your logo, a video background or any image of your choice.


  • This effect generates personalized elements with graphics of your choice which can also change dimension. You can add your company logo a background video or image.


  • This falling effect can be personalized with any graphics you please, it simulates objects falling into infinity. It can be personalized with your logo and videos of background images.


  • This is an effect of various colours that mix together into any tone or shade you chose. You can personalize it with your logo, a video background or image of your choice.


  • A team game where players must stamp on elements to get points. The background can be personalized as can the icons and the sound effects. Graphics, sizes and speed of movement can also be chosen.


  • The generation of bats flying out every time someone walks by, this effect can be personalized by changing the background, or changing the bats to another effect.


  • This effect can reveal a second image or video when someone walks by. You can personalize the content present on the different levels and add your company logo.


  • The colour of the flames can be chosen (from blue tones to magenta tones), you can add your company logo, a video or background image.