All PROIETTA products dedicated to projections


PROIETTA has been designing and producing extremely powerful projectors for 25 years. We create gobos and dynamic effects for the projection of images, weatherproof systems for video projectors, interactive walls and floors, virtual hostesses, water screens and video-mapping, all at our premises in Avigliana.

Guscio da esterno per video proiettori
Weatherproof, climatized protective casing for video projectors, for outdoor video-mapping in any climatic conditions including snow, rain, smog, fog, humidity and dust.
The PROIETTA outdoor architectural Christmas projectors have been designed for quick and easy installations within the reach of the non-professional user. It is possible to insert any dynamic effect and accessory without complicated programming process. They are already suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
All PROIETTA projectors render animated projections varied and dynamic. We have a large catalogue of countless choices of decorative, effects ideal for Christmas and other festivities. These can all be personalized as you please, by inserting logos, messages, and other graphic elements.
Produzione di gobos
PROIETTA produces gobos on dichroic glass in high quality. It is possible to create customized graphics or consult a large catalog of standard subjects.
Outdoor LED kleurenprojector
Architectural led projectors RGB with millions of colors combinations mixed together. Thanks to the master / slave function you can combine the color variations simultaneously. Ideal for architectural projections.
Giaveno: Cedro del Libano Parlante
PROIETTA can give life to large trees by making them talk! Custom texts accompanied by animations and music.
Giochi interattivi a pavimento
Personalized interactive systems for walls and floors with logos, background, audio, icons etc…